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Extraction bags play a significant role in rosin extraction as they act as a filter to separate unwanted plant material from the desired cannabinoid oils.These extraction bags give users one important tool to ensure consistent extractions – Surface Area. NugSmasher Extraction Bags are recommended for optimal yielding, clean – quality rosin. We have our bags broken down into four different bag sizes – as well as four different micron sizes for each bag size.

Four different bag sizes:

3.5 Gram Bags

Will hold 2.5 - 3.5 grams of material
Compatible with

7 Gram Bags

Will hold 3.5 - 7 grams of material
Compatible with

14 Gram Bags

Will hold 7 - 14 grams of material
Compatible with

X Bags

Will hold 3.5 - 14 grams of material
Designed specifically
for the NugSmasher X

The bag size is specific to the amount of product you will be loading and pressing. In addition, each bag size comes with four different options of micron sizes, including 37, 90, 120 and 160 micron.

Micron Size

The micron size is all about starting material. The kind of starting material you use requires a specific bag.

As you will see in the images below, the micron size refers to the size of the holes which the rosin will seep through. For dryer buds, you want smaller holes to ensure less starting material in your end product. For wetter buds, the holes are bigger because it’s less likely for the buds to move through. One micron is measurable to 1 millionth of a meter. For fresh, quality material 160-micron bags are ideal. As flower dries and quality decreases, you will also want to decrease in micron size. The reason for this is that as the plant dries, the material is susceptible to flake and crumble. You don’t want this material to be pushed out into your rosin as it will negatively affect the color, taste, and overall quality.

Microns – Which Is Best For You?

37 Micron

Dry Sift

90 Micron

Dry Buds
Moisture content under 64%

120 Micron

Slightly sticky
Moisture content between 64-68%

160 Micron

Fresh and sticky buds
Moisture content between 68-75%

How To Gauge Pressure - Surface Area

One of the most important factors when pressing rosin is surface area. While most brands don’t address this valuable detail, NugSmasher makes it priority number one. Every single one of our machines was designed to be paired with our NugSmasher rosin bags to deliver the highest quality, most consistent yielding results. Let’s take a look at the different surface areas of each bag size.

3.5 Gram bags have a surface area of 1.76 in²
7 Gram bags have a surface area of 3.14 in²
X Bags bags have a surface area of 3.4 in²
14 Gram bags have a surface area of 4.9 in²


Most people believe that the more pressure, the better when pressing rosin but that is not entirely true. What is important is the ability to apply a specific amount of pressure that ensures the best quality extraction, paired with the best yield.

Looking at this visual guide, you can see just how different the surface area can change and what kind of hydraulic pressure each bag or set of bags may require.


One 3.5g bag

Material Pressure 750 PSI

There is only one 3.5g bag that has the total surface area of around 1.77in².

Gauge Pressure 577 PSI

To extract your material at 750 PSI with a surface area of 1.77in² (one 3.5g bag) it would equal 577 PSI on your gauge.

Two 3.5g bags

Material Pressure 750 PSI

There are two 3.5g bags that has a total combined surface area of around 3.54in².

Gauge Pressure 1154 PSI

To extract your material at 750 PSI with a surface area of 3.54in2 (1.77in² for each 3.5g bag) you would need 1154 PSI on your gauge.

Top Plate View



Using the calculator tool on our website, you can see the difference of gauge pressure each bag size requires.

The calculator tool is great for accurately pressurizing extractions for ideal results. And remember, the calculator tool is based off of the extractions being done with bags packed Bottle Tech Style. Let’s review exactly how Bottle Tech Style is done.

Bottle Tech Style – The Key To Consistent Extractions

This method gives you the ideal surface area to ensure the best quality extraction, every time. Basically, you want to make a cylinder shape with the weed loaded in the bag. You do this by following three simple steps:

This shape gives a consistent and accurate diameter measurement so applying pressure is made simple. For a better visual sample on how to do this – watch this video.