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Rosin Extraction Systems
Experience Solventless Cannabis Concentrates with NugSmasher
Starter Combo Deals
SAVE BIG and get everything you need to start extracting
Rosin Extraction Bags
Heavy duty, double stitched hand MADE IN THE USA various microns and sizes
Pressing Accessories
Variety of Pre Press Molds, Silicone Dab Mats and other Rosin Pressing Accessories
DIY Rosin Press Plate Sets
DIY Ready to bolt on, plug in and go to work plate sets your way
Name speaks for itself...
NUGSMASHER™ "Rosin Made Simple"™
NugPacker, Cone Packing Flower Molds
NugPacker Cone Packing Flower Molds and Accessories

NUGPACKER™ "Make it Simple"