The NugSmasher!

NugSmasher presses are available in 4 different versions. The standard system is a manually operated 12 Ton plug and play Rosin extraction machine featuring a 4" x 4" pressing area. The Nugsmasher Mini version is great for travel and offers a 2.5" round pressing area. The Pro version is a 20 Ton Pneumatic or manually operated Rosin extraction machine boasting a dynamic 7" x 10" pressing area meeting industrial and commercial demands. Our newest version the Nugsmasher XP "Expert" offers a 4"x 6" pressing area that will accommodate up to 28 grams. The XP is equipped with a pressure gauge that offers you precise consistent results. All versions are constructed with American Made A-36 solid steel and T6 6061 aluminum which are fabricated and assembled from start to finish in-house at our 40K square foot facility in Corona, CA. We back each NugSmasher with an unmatched Lifetime warranty on every component of the system and we are available to support our customers by phone or in person during normal business hours and via email and social media on weekends and after hours.


Pro Version

XP Version

  • Large 4" x 6" Plates
  • 2 x 160W Heaters
  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • Small Footprint
  • Press up to 28g per press
  • Works with our 3.5 gram Bags
  • Works with our 7 gram Bags
  • Works with our 14 gram Bags

Standard Version

Mini Version

  • 2.5" Plates
  • 2 x 70W Heaters
  • Lightweight for Travel
  • Press up to 3.5g per press
  • Works with our 3.5 gram Bags


The NugSmasher family of presses are purpose built presses exclusively for extracting Rosin. Our smaller systems are very straight forward extractors well suited for the average home user and feature dual heated plates, a comfortable pump arm, and an easy to grip quick release valve. The Pro version can handle anything from home user needs to full production house needs and includes additional features such as having a built-in plate pressure gauge or our custom alignment racks to name a few. Read more about what's included with every NugSmasher Pro below...

Dual Temp Controls

The NugSmasher Pro offers precise temperature control of both the top and bottom plates with individual PID controllers. Just set your desired temperature and the controllers will bring the plates to temp and keep them there throughout your pressing session.

Built-In Pressure Gauge

Increase your chances of having repeatable results by ensuring you are pressing the same each time you load your press. The built-in gauge allows you to find the perfect amount of pressure for your material and apply the same amount on your next press with ease.

Steel and Aluminum Build

Solid interlocked steel plates create the frame of the NugSmasher offering well beyond 20 tons of pressing ability. Aircraft grade T6 6061 aluminum is fully CNC machined in-house and is used for the pressing plates and control panel of the machine.

Circuit Protection

The NugSmasher is a well equipped machine requiring multiple power circuits to make everything run properly. With safety in mind, our electrical engineers have routed each of the 3 sub-circuits as well as the primary power circuit through high quality, resettable circuit breakers which are neatly mounted to the front panel for easy monitoring and access to reset them if needed.

Ergonomic Handles

Fine tune your pressure or continue to operate even if your air compressor quits on you by using the manual pump arm. When you reach your desired press time, a smooth 1/4 turn on the quick release handle drops your plate for you to retrieve your finished rosin and reload to press again.

Illuminated Work Area

The NugSmasher features 2 LED's focused on the pressing area you can switch on to light up your work area.

The Smash Zone Features

After lengthy hours of researching and testing, our design and engineering teams have put together an impressive pressing area for the NugSmasher Pro. Here are some of the stand out features you will find...

6 Heaters

The NugSmasher is equipped with 3 x 160W heat cartridges on each of the top and bottom plates allowing for a quick startup, more even heat disbursement, and better maintained target temps throughout your pressing session.

3 Plate Style Choices

No other press offers the flexibiltiy in pressing preference found with the NugSmasher. There are several "right" ways to extract rosin and some prefer small bags , large bags or no bags at all so we offer 3 different plate configurations to suit your needs!

Custom Alignment Racks

The matching alignment racks offered for our Tube Runner or 6-Pack plates allow for quick and easy loading with thought-free alignment. Spacing between the racks allows rosin to flow freely and freezing the racks offers quick cooling of your extracted rosin as it flows between them.

Large Working Area

The NugSmasher offers the largest pressing area allowing you to get the most out of each press. All of our plate configurations have a complete footprint of 7" x 10" with our Big Boy plates offering the entire 7" x 10" area for pressing.

Air Gapped Plates

The top plate of the NugSmasher is spaced off the upper frame to create a small air gap between the two to minimize undesired heat transfer away from your pressing area. This helps maintain efficiency as well as helps in maintaining your desired temps on the plates.

Alignment Bearings

To ensure proper plate alignment is maintained we have equipped the NugSmasher with adjustable alignment bearings on either side of the lower plate. The upper plate can also easily be adjusted if ever necessary with only 4 easy to access bolts.

I want one!

And why shouldn't you? Either NugSmasher rosin press truly is a smart purchase. Flexible enough for small personal presses all the way up to high volume production, a NugSmasher rosin press is your best choice for pressing rosin! Don't forget we build each unit in-house in Southern California and guarantee each one will perform for you for life!

We have NugSmasher's and Accessories in stock and ready to ship or be picked up! If you're local to our shop in Corona, CA you can arrange for a live demo during regular business hours. Just give us a call at 951.272.9800!

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Don’t just take our word for it... See what actual owners of the NugSmasher are saying! We have received nothing but positive reviews!

The NugSmasher has definately been a great tool for our team. Production is up dramatically over other presses we own! We purchased a few extra alignment racks which allows us to move through material super fast with a 2 person team!

Elite Extractions Crew, Long Beach, CA

These guys really knocked it out of the park with this one. Best bang for your buck by far! I looked at several presses before buying this one. Nothing quite compares with it and its way under priced vs other larger presses.

J. Benson - Los Angeles, CA

Making the transition from BHO was a hard decision at first, but using the NugSmasher makes it a no brainer! I can process just as much material as with BHO, but its ready same day vs waiting 3 days for purging! Awesome!

D. Flores - Colorado Springs, CO


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

What is Rosin? How is it made?

Rosin is a solventless extraction made through the mechanical process of applying heat and pressure to "press" out the terpene and cannabinoid rich resin from cured flower or hash. This process occurs near instantaneously and requires virtually no professional expertise in the field of botanical extractions. Rosin tech uses heat to melt the glandular domes of the trichomes off of the base material. This resin rich sap will then reconstitute on the parchment paper, ready for collection. After scraping the parchment paper, the waxy residue collected will be clean and ready to dab.

What plate style should I choose?

The NugSmasher is unique in its offering of 3 plate styles. The choice in plate configurations will be decided by your knowledge of what you will be pressing most often. Our 6 pack plate works very well for smaller, 6g bags of cured flower wheras our split plate would allow you to load 2 * 2 ounce packs of bubble or dry sift in a single press. If you don't know what will suit you best, or you just want the most flexibility, our standard flat plate will work for all pressing needs with a huge surface area of 7" x 10"! Why not be adventurous and smash full quarter pounds using our large puck maker and the flat plates!

How much pressure do I need?

The pressure needed to extract Rosin from your starting material will vary depending on the following factors: Freshness, Heat Applied, Amount of Material, Type of Material (Cured Flowers, Dry Sift, Bubble, etc). As a general guideline, the more heat you apply, the less pressure you will need (to a certain extent). From our experience, many strains will press very nicely at around 1000 - 1500 psi per inch of material being pressed in the lower temp range of 190 - 215.

How much Rosin can I expect from my material?

This is another question we get often, but cannot ever provide an exact answer. Basically the term "Garbage in, Garbage out" is king with pressing. Rosin will typically taste very much like your starting material smells so using the best material available is always recommended. We have seen results as low as 5.5% with low quality material and have also seen 31%+ with Grade "A" material. Your best bet is to press a couple 4 - 6g test bags to see what you can expect from your material.


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