Our NugSmasher brand offers both you and your following community a simple, dependable, and incredibly captivating solventless extraction. Our product has become one of the most absolute well known rosin presses in the industry and we are now prioritizing some of that exposure and spotlight into opportunities for some of our most trusted social media influencers!

As our brand has flourished and our outreach spread internationally, demand became insatiable. We have recently opened up our AZ factory in Lake Havasu City to help accommodate the bulk of our production needs. Now that we have the necessary tools to make sure that those needs have been met, we finally feel comfortable enough allowing a select, very lucky, elite few influencers (primarily in the IG space) to become part of the brand and represent our fantastic product.

The notion is very simple, you have your influencers scattered all over the cannabis industry that promote rigs, tools, flower, and various other products interchangeably (for perhaps some discounts or free goods?).

Here at NugSmasher, we are preparing a social media blitz for our select influencers in an entirely different way! We are offering monetary compensation combined with various “high-end” promotional store credit, simply to represent our brand. Exposure is the name of the game here with this entire program… The more views we get, the more money you earn!

How it Works:

The process is fairly easy. Basically, to start, our company needs to get to know you and your profile. Our media team will need to get together and perform their due diligence in order to approve your IG and the application. You would speak with our Sales and Support Manager Brenden (who will actually be your major point of contact throughout this entire program, more on that to come…) shortly thereafter.

After we are able to speak and really figure out what your community of followers are really interested in coupled with how interactive they are, we would be able to get you set up and on your way to becoming one of our NS ambassadors!

Assuming everything is ready to go, we would create a unique link/URL for you to include in your bio and posts for the product. Effectively, it is up to you just how much money you can make and how much of an opportunity you can build for yourself! After acquiring your exclusive links to our site, you will then begin getting paid per legitimate prospect that clicks on the site and shops around (does not have to purchase, but would need to qualify as a unique visitor* in order to receive proper credit)

We are able to tally exactly how many of these unique visitors (followers you send to the site) you are actually accumulating through your IG promoting and advertising (through posts, stories, or whichever means you deem applicable) and compensate you for those visitors! Once you begin advertising the brand and acquiring various interest(s), you will be put in contact with Brenden who will be able to let you know exactly where you are at numbers wise for the month and how close your exposure is to being in the next tier.

Exposure Incentives:

There will be a total of 14 tiers available to each of our NS ambassadors (how you reach that tier is entirely up to you), with each tier having a different exposure incentive. Below is a side by side comparison of the monetary compensation you could expect to receive and the promotional store credit you would also receive concurrently.

*Please note* that the promotional credit will help in allowing you to sponsor your own giveaway program which will not only boost your visitor exposure massively to the site, but help to boost your own following community in the process! (Also, NugSmasher Is always looking to create unique deals with Major influencers to spread brand awareness)


Unique visits

Monthly from your assigned link

Monetary payment


Store credit for promo

Giveaway sale

Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5




Tier 6




Tier 7




Tier 8




Tier 9




Tier 10




Tier 11




Tier 12




Tier 13




Tier 14




*Influencers will be paid based on the calendar month and payment will be issued 10 days after said month*


Listed as follows will be the minimum requirements necessary to be able to join and maintain this program. Failure to meet the criteria will result in loss of NS sponsorship and incentives.

  • Account MUST have a minimum of 50k followers (We are always looking to create unique with *Major influencers that have a large impact within the industry)
  • Comments/like interaction needs to reflect a proportional average (in almost every pic/video) with how many followers you have *Media team to determine said proportion*
  • Must obtain a minimum of 500 unique visitors per month to qualify for Tier 1. Must maintain the same amount of visitors each month thereafter to keep Tier status and incentive.
  • All Ambassadors need to ascertain product knowledge and know what they are posting prior to representing the brand on their platform. To that, all videos and content must be pre-approved by our NugSmasher Media team prior to going live.


Submit your application

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