NugPacker Jr.

Never smoke one of these again…


What is the NugPacker Jr?

This fantastic cannabis device was created with one idea in mind…

Cones Made Simple

If you have a problem rolling we have a solution for you.

Never again will the shame of a sloppy joint, ruin your sesh. Whether it's for yourself or a room of your best buds; NugPacker Jr. makes rolling a breeze thanks to this high-quality and easy-to-use machine.


The NugPacker Jr. is:

Made from high-quality polycarbonate

Virtually indestructible

Made to last forever

Comes with a lifetime warranty

WOW! That is high quality!

Check out the gallery below for a 360 view of the NugPacker Jr.

How easy  is it to use? So easy, anyone  can do it.

Still not convinced?

NugPacker Jr. provides a personalized joint rolling experience for anyone. NugPacker Jr. works with most pre-rolled cones sizes (up to 110mm in length).

 With fully customized density based on your wants. Never again will a joint be too dense or too loose, you have the power.

We’re talking about the perfect joint – over and over again.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying on Instagram

@wikid420grl “They work hella good too! Love mine!”

@nomadgrower “These are amazing! I don’t smoke many joints but when I do, I use a Nugpacker!”

@artxiduke “I love my nugpacker!”

@grow_n_slowly “I so need one of these in my life”

See? People love the NugPacker Jr… And so will you.