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Crazy J's Smoke shophttp://none+18285419198NC
1ststate seed garden supplyhttp://1stsateseed.com302-834-0440DE
Harvest Tech 656 1156MT
a2zgrowsupplies 725 6400ME
Kallective Wellnesshttp://na5706668026PA
Grow Depot 757http://www.growdepot757.com757 937 1504VA
CenTex CBD
advanced garden supplyhttp://ADVANCEDGARDENSUPPLY.COM5732142794MO
Appalachian Smoke Shop LLChttp://appsmokeshop.com6069391665KY
Bavarian Krauts
Beyond Hydro 899 1444CA
Better Grow Hydro
Blooming Flora
Blueridgehydroponics 584- 4749VA
Crazy J's Smoke shophttp://no%20website5013586986AR
Always Green Hydrohttp://www.always-green-hydroponics.com5084960326MA
Black Hills Cultivation & Supplies
Canna Wealth of Virgianhttp://www.cannawealthofvirginia.org8046159521VA
C4 Hydroponicshttp://c4hydroponics.com7055616646ON
laboite MBhttp://NA418-866-0680QC
Canna Serve Ya
Capitol Smoke
City Line Hydro
cloudcitysmokeshop420 483-4197IN
Red Pine LLChttp://none7167131954NY
St. Louis Hydroponics
Capitol Smoke Raleigh 916 5966NC
Danks Hydro 354 8569VA
Essential Life Plushttp://na7164723787NY
Oddz & Endz 536 1114DE
Edenz Hydro
Green Bear 420http://greenbear420.com2073684920ME
Fosters General LLC540 4933772VA
Green Coast Hydro (LongBeach)http://gchydro.com562 627 5636CA
Greenmile Hydroponic Garden Supplyhttp://greenmilehydro.com9098552551CA
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Happy Hydrohttp://happyhydro.com7162170353NY
HGS Hydro ( Walled Lake )
High Grow Hydro
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The Holistic Connection
IFOG Vapes and Smokes 304 5993IL
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Urban Greenhouse
West Garden Supply/ NPK Hydro
Western Tobaccohttp://westerntobacco.com17342663677MI
Way To Grow 271-6981FL

Rosin Collection

Chiller Tank

RO 800 Gallon Storage Tank

Hash Prep Table

Packaging Table

Ovens For Carts

Terp File Data Logging / Testing and Digital Scopes

Rosin Storage


Hash Storage

Walk in Freezer

Prep Freezers

We provide assistance in selecting the right equipment for your lab’s requirements

Ice Machine

500 lbs per day capacity, crucial for hash extraction processes, includes necessary plumbing setups.

Chiller (24,000 BTU)

With a 400-gallon insulated tank, complete plumbing setup, ensuring precise temperature control.

Commercial Stainless 3 Basin Sink

With an overhead faucet for easy cleaning and maintenance.

RO Water Systems

Available in 4000 GPD  and 8000 GPD, including pre-filters, plumbing, and washdown hose, ensuring purity and efficiency in your extraction process.

XL Stainless Steel Freeze Dryers

A vital component for preserving purity and potency, with many labs requiring multiple units for scalability.

NugWasher Complete Hash Extraction System

A cornerstone for high-yield extraction, essential for top-tier labs.

Consumables washer: Everything you need to keep your extraction process running smoothly.

NugSmasher IQ/IQ Pro

The pinnacle of commercial rosin extraction technology. Additional units and customized consultations are available to suit your lab’s scale and needs.

Consumables press: Includes screens, bags, molds, and collection tools essential for optimal operation.