NugSmasher® IQ

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NugSmasher® IQ

$4596.00 - $10134.92

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  • 6873 available plate pressure CNC (computer numerical controlled) 
  • Machine takes 110v or 220v wall power No air compressor necessary
  • Fully controlled by 10 inch touch screen Start stop up down push control 
  • CNC controlled plates – enter your recipe with ease and get consistent results every time
  • Extracts up to two 14 Gram bags material with precision everytime 
  • 4” x 6” Smash Plates with 2 heaters in each plate (4 Total) for consistent temperature control
  • Built in high quality LED lights that can be turned on and off via touch screen
  • Interactive Extraction Brain with integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity for future updates
  • Decarb mode automatically activates your concentrates with the push of a button.
  • Ramp mode allows you to set a range of temperature, pressure and time to achieve amazing results with isolates and advanced extractions
  • Simple Quick start settings 
  • All 304 Stainless Steel food grade Skins  
  • Utilizes 3.5, 7, X and 14 gram extraction bags interchangeably
  • 10 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display
  • 4 Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Built-in switch operated fan to assist in cool down between plates
  • Circuit Protection switch breakers
  • Proudly made in America
  • Backed and guaranteed with our True* Lifetime Warranty
  • Accurate Temperature Control displays on both top and bottom which can be independently adjusted
  • Extraction Timer with auto start when target PSI has been reached
  • Surface Area Extraction Calculator preset(s)
  • Accurate Pressure readout for hydraulic fluid PSI
  • Pressure readout available TOTAL PSI
  • Pressure readout actual surface area PSI does the math for you based on the amount you want to extract for the perfect concentrates
  • Fully adjustable settings tailored to your extraction style
  • Quick start settings loaded as seen
  • 6′ Power cable

NugSmasher® IQ Automatic Rosin Extraction System. The IQ gives the aficionado and professional extractor and/or alchemists the ultimate tool needed for high quality consistent extractions regardless of a demanding schedule. IQ presents precise methodology specific bag sizes and accurate pressure reading which gives the user consistent results every time. Extracts up to 28 grams of flower with each smash. The IQ is the true definition of  “Rosin Made Simple.” The NugSmasher® IQ Rosin Extraction System truly encapsulates the ability to take all the sophistication and desired extraction features with commercial capabilities condensing them into an extremely consumer friendly all-in-one AUTOMATIC solvent less extraction system. The IQ transcends and redefines the current norm of solvent-less rosin with the ability to seamlessly transition between preset controls, accurate temperature and precise pressure taking all the guesswork out of your smash. The IQ Features our all new Interactive Extraction Brain that is made to simplify extraction with an up-gradable platform with continuous updates through wifi connectivity along with a 10.1″ interactive color touchscreen display! The IQ has powerful yet easily applied precise plate pressure with all automatic CNC controlled functionality through the extremely simple built in touch screen. The IQ features 3 types of precise digital PSI reporting, an automatic extraction timer surface, area calculator for target pressure and built in timer for the best results available.  Equipped with our most popular 4”x 6” heated pressing plates and constructed out of 6061 high grade aluminum with 4 internal heaters. In addition the IQ is  illuminated with powerful LED Lights as well as an extremely quick plug and play system that works exponentially well with our 3.5, 7 and 14 gram bags or a custom size surface area you would have the ability to program.




NugSmasher® IQ Automatic TOUCH SCREEN EDITION. The NugSmasher® IQ Rosin Extraction System gives aficionado and Professional Extractors and alchemists the ultimate reliable consistent commercial tool needed for consistent high quality extractions with a demanding schedule. NugSmasher’s precise methodology, specific bag sizes and accurate pressure reading gives the user consistent results every time. Can extract up to 28 grams of flower each extraction. NugSmasher® “Rosin Made Simple”®


The Fully adjustable and pre programmed automatic settings are what make the NugSmasher IQ so seamless to use. The NugSmasher IQ features Ramp Mode to help formulate and make Isolations as well as Hash extractions a breeze. NugSmasher IQ also features Decarb mode to help you decarboxylate your material with just one touch of a screen and TerpFile built into the interface to help you preload already made recipes with no effort. NugSmasher IQ is made out of 304 food grade Stainless Steel Solid Structural Steel and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Large 4″ x 6″ Smash Plates Accurate pressure gauge for consistent extractions. NugSmasher® App with Terp Files compatible. Four Heating Elements (160W) Accurate Dual Digital Temperature Control  CNC controlled pressure Guaranteed for Life 5 Day Support from the Factory. Compatible with Every NugSmasher® Rosin Press Bag.


NugSmasher® IQ Key Features include: CNC controlled pressure precise programming control. Top and bottom plates are individually controlled plates installed with a machined alignment assembly that automatically aligns your heat plates. The NugSmasher IQ features an interactive brain consisting of a powerful computer that is made to grow with an upgradable platform through wireless connectivity along with a 10″ interactive color touchscreen display.


NugSmasher IQ has 3 types of precise digital PSI reporting features as well as an automatic extraction timer and a surface area calculator for target pressure. The IQ also includes an  integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity option. Digital pressure readings include hydraulic fluid PSI TOTAL PSI and actual surface area PSI which does the math for you based on the amount you want to extract and is also crucial with FURTHER REFINING ROSIN into Isolates and or Diamonds.


NugSmasher Products are designed and manufactured in our factory located in Lake Havasu City AZ. We back our products for LIFE with a full staff of dedicated customer service representatives working live out of our factory and are available to chat via NugSmasher call email and chat 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm MST. We are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction with both our products and our service(s)!



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