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Meet the Future of Rosin Pressing

NugSmasher's Advanced Remote and Multi-Machine Management

Harness the power of innovation with NugSmasher's pioneering remote and multi-machine control. The NugSmasher app allows you to manage your pressing operations from anywhere, offering unprecedented convenience and efficiency in rosin production.

Maximizing Profit and Yield Through Surface Area Techniques

Experience a breakthrough in rosin pressing with our unique Surface Area Methodology. By calculating pressure based on the size of the material, NugSmasher machines ensure an optimal yield and consistent quality, setting the industry standard.

Fully Integrated Hash and Rosin Recipe Database

Terpfile: Your Gateway to Hash and Rosin Expertise. Search thousands of posts for essential insights and seamlessly upload your proprietary data for a secure, personalized enhancement of your own production process.

Exclusive Hash Machine Offerings

NugSmasher Solventless Lab Processing Steps:

  • Pre-test material: Assess and documents fresh frozen flower to determine suitability for processing, optimizing efficiency and ROI. (Terp files is a powerful tool) Scope flower PICTURE log Strain/Phenotype, Pheno source, Grower, test Spectral analyzer Test, log test results Score Pass or no pass for pre-run test.
  • Pre-run test: Conduct a trial run of fresh frozen flower in NugWasher Mini screen into wet HASH grades, gauging potential for large-scale processing. Log material weight in fresh frozen or cured trimmed or untrimmed Hash out 120, 90, 45 weight after freeze dried. Yield % on each, send to ROSIN REFINEMENT IQ.
  • NugWasher processing:  Run fresh frozen flower through NugWasher for 12 minutes, screening into wet HASH grades based on flower quality.
  • Freeze drying: Utilize freeze dryers to refine HASH, scaling according to processing volume. Depending on volume set will need adjusting.
  • HASH refinement: Process HASH with NugSmasher IQ or IQPro, adjusting machine quantity based on desired output volume. Pre Run Test i like to start with 10G then second press do the rest once i have my recipe Test results weight in Hash Weight out in Rosin Pass to large run Yes or no if yes NugWasher processing then repeat Hash refinement receipt. 
  • End product: Yield consistent solventless concentrates, including Rosin in various forms such as shatter, budder, and isolates.

Attain substantial yield increase and ROI through this efficient process. For instance, processing 1 cured pound that is approximately 3.5 pounds when wet frozen and run through the Nugwasher, resulting in 200 to 350 grams of HASH. From this HASH, recover 73% to 80% of its weight in Rosin, equating to 150 to 260 grams. Conservatively, turn an investment of 1500 into 7000 or 400 into 4000. Our solventless lab designs can handle volumes ranging from 400 to 4000 pounds and beyond.

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What people are saying about NugSmasher

Nugsmasher is a great company I bought one of the original mini units with the round plates almost 4 years ago. Had a small problem with it they are honoring their lifetime warranty. I highly recommend their units they are built like tanks went to their website and a rep reach out to me quickly and handled the situation very fast I am over satisfied with them. If you want a high quality unit with great customer service look no further.
Thanks to the serious competition in the cannabis industry, customer service is generally standout. Because of this I'm now used to excellent customer service. Despite this I was still blown away with the service I received on the nugsmasher website. I was helped by a gentleman named Cody, who attentively answered all of my questions over the span of multiple hours. He thoughtfully explained everything from detailed differences between products to general questions about deals. His consideration cut out what would have been hours of research, and had he not been so proficient I might not have made my purchase. Only just placed my order and I'm already satisfied with the service.
The customer service is first class and the XP ROCKS! I actually bought 2 different presses from Dabmaster and RosinPress before i bought the XP. I never used them because I wanted quality and the Dabmaster was not quality so I returned them both to trade up for the XP. The machine is impressive. Had a few issues with the lights and communication but the issues were quickly resolved by Brandon who went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied. Highly recommend the XP for the quality product and Nugsmasher for their top customer service.

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Chiller Tank

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Hash Prep Table

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Terp File Data Logging / Testing and Digital Scopes

Rosin Storage


Hash Storage

Walk in Freezer

Prep Freezers

We provide assistance in selecting the right equipment for your lab’s requirements

Ice Machine

500 lbs per day capacity, crucial for hash extraction processes, includes necessary plumbing setups.

Chiller (24,000 BTU)

With a 400-gallon insulated tank, complete plumbing setup, ensuring precise temperature control.

Commercial Stainless 3 Basin Sink

With an overhead faucet for easy cleaning and maintenance.

RO Water Systems

Available in 4000 GPD  and 8000 GPD, including pre-filters, plumbing, and washdown hose, ensuring purity and efficiency in your extraction process.

XL Stainless Steel Freeze Dryers

A vital component for preserving purity and potency, with many labs requiring multiple units for scalability.

NugWasher Complete Hash Extraction System

A cornerstone for high-yield extraction, essential for top-tier labs.

Consumables washer: Everything you need to keep your extraction process running smoothly.

NugSmasher IQ/IQ Pro

The pinnacle of commercial rosin extraction technology. Additional units and customized consultations are available to suit your lab’s scale and needs.

Consumables press: Includes screens, bags, molds, and collection tools essential for optimal operation.