Financing options available at

Here at NugSmasher we understand during these times that financial responsibility and affordability are a key to any personal or business operation. We have outsourced multiple lenders for every credit situation to allow you to have the unit you need at an affordable price. Below is a list of our lenders and the typical credit score they will assist with:

Klarna typically approves 650 to 680+ above, with great interest rates and special pay in 4 options, max financed up to $10,000.00

 Paytomorrow will typically approve a 600-680 credit score for up to a 24 month term. Financing available based on your credit rating, up to $6500.00. Paytomorrow U Own does not require a credit background, with up to a 13 month max financing option of $3500.00. Please note the interest rate is very high and we recommend taking advantage of their 90 day zero interest offer if paid off within 90 days.

PayTomorrow Equity will typically approve based on a 680+ credit rating for financing up to $20,000.00 for up to 48 months. Please make sure you are reading thoroughly all credit offers.

Apply at Checkout for all Financing Options Below are two companies we have partnered with to help get you to where you want to be, pressing your own solventless concentrates.

Rosin Collection

Chiller Tank

RO 800 Gallon Storage Tank

Hash Prep Table

Packaging Table

Ovens For Carts

Terp File Data Logging / Testing and Digital Scopes

Rosin Storage


Hash Storage

Walk in Freezer

Prep Freezers

We provide assistance in selecting the right equipment for your lab’s requirements

Ice Machine

500 lbs per day capacity, crucial for hash extraction processes, includes necessary plumbing setups.

Chiller (24,000 BTU)

With a 400-gallon insulated tank, complete plumbing setup, ensuring precise temperature control.

Commercial Stainless 3 Basin Sink

With an overhead faucet for easy cleaning and maintenance.

RO Water Systems

Available in 4000 GPD  and 8000 GPD, including pre-filters, plumbing, and washdown hose, ensuring purity and efficiency in your extraction process.

XL Stainless Steel Freeze Dryers

A vital component for preserving purity and potency, with many labs requiring multiple units for scalability.

NugWasher Complete Hash Extraction System

A cornerstone for high-yield extraction, essential for top-tier labs.

Consumables washer: Everything you need to keep your extraction process running smoothly.

NugSmasher IQ/IQ Pro

The pinnacle of commercial rosin extraction technology. Additional units and customized consultations are available to suit your lab’s scale and needs.

Consumables press: Includes screens, bags, molds, and collection tools essential for optimal operation.