Upgrage program


Trade in any Nugsmasher® model to upgrade and receive the current cost of your model -20% towards trade-in (*Excludes X to XP swap as well as Pro to IQ and vice versa*)! All Nugsmasher® models have a unique purpose and do an excellent job at serving them well. A Nugsmasher® Mini or Nugsmasher® OG might have satisfied your initial curiosity, but as it grew so did your desire for larger scale smashes more accurate pressure and temperature reads, or the possibilities of isolating new discoveries like THCA.

At Nugsmasher® we are passionate about the community and are excited to offer the Nugsmasher® Upgrade Program to give our loyal customers the best tools for the best yields! All returned presses must be returned in good working condition (original condition) with no excessive wear and tear to be eligible for full 80% credit back.

When sending your unit in for a store credit towards the new unit your going to purchase the value is based on the day we receive said unit. Only one trade in unit may be used in conjunction with upgrade program.

Anything returned in substandard condition will be subject to a decreased amount in upgrade credit. Amazon purchases wishing to upgrade will receive trade credit via a store credit only @ 80% of current list price on NugSmasher.com, Please note, after an upgrade purchase is made, it is the customer’s responsibility to ship back the trade-in unit and provide tracking to [email protected] within 30 days from said purchase. Failure to do so, will result in a store credit for the 80% amount back as opposed to reimbursement on the purchasing card. All presses must be sent back within 90 days of upgraded purchase or they will be subject to store credit forfeit for the amount all together and require customer to arrange for shipping back on said unit. NugSmasher has no way of refunding cards past the 30 day window, so please keep this in mind. Any customer wishing to upgrade in conjunction with using Pay Tomorrow financing will need to send their unit in prior to making a new purchase for a credit to be used with new purchase. Otherwise upgrade credit will be issued via a store credit only. No refunds can be done directly to the lender.

Just Released: Trade in Upgrade program for non NugSmasher brands. NugSmasher will issue any rosin press brand customer a store credit for the purpose of a NugSmasher upgrade. Values are based on unit you would be upgrading to: Mini = $80.00 , OG = $150.00, XP = $200.00, Touch = $350.00, Pro = $400.00, IQ = $500.00, Pro Touch = $800.00. In order to receive the store credit you will need to provide proof of receipt for disposal of your unit at a recycle or dump facility(remove any residue of rosin or they will not accept) and provide a video submission to [email protected] why you’re upgrading your machine to a NugSmasher. Note: video may be used by NugSmasher for advertising purposes. Credit must be issued prior to purchase. Not valid with other discounts.

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