Rosin Made Simple

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2 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 3.5 grams
2.5" Smash Plates
Uses 3.5 gram extraction bags

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12 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 14 grams
4" Smash Plates
Uses 3.5, 7 and 14 gram extraction bags

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3 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 14 grams
4" Smash Plates
The pressure to surface area is matched for the perfect flower rosin extraction every time (with use of NugSmasher X bag)
Uses X extraction bags

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12 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 28 grams
6" x 4" Quad Heated Smash Plates
Built in LED lights
Precise pressure gauge
Uses 3.5, 7 and 14 gram extraction bags

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12 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 28 grams
6" x 4" Quad Heated Smash Plates
Built in LED lights
A powerful computer with a 5″ interactive color touchscreen display. Precise digital PSI reporting with an automatic extraction timer and a surface area calculator for target pressure.
Uses 3.5, 7 and 14 gram extraction bags

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20 Tons of Pressure
Extracts up to 1/4 pound
7" x 10" Smash Plates with 3 heaters in each plate for consistent temp control.
Built in LED lights
Precise pressure gauge
Simple thumb-operated pneumatic controlled pressure control and or manual handle controlled
Uses 3.5, 7 and 14 gram extraction bags

We offer an extensive product lineup to suit every need from medical/recreational home use or travel to full commercial production. The Nugsmasher models offer a simple and highly accurate way for you or your customers to enjoy a truly chemical free, clean and affordable option for your concentrate needs. Every Nugsmasher is built by hand and undergoes testing with the strictest tolerance and quality control measures available in the industry. All versions are constructed with US made structural steel and T6 6061 aluminum and are fabricated and assembled from start to finish in-house at the Nugsmasher factory in Corona, CA. We back each Nugsmasher unit with an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on every component of the system and we are available to support our customers by phone, online or in person during normal business hours and via email and social media on weekends and after hours. Please see our facility tour “link” for a closer look at our operations. Thank you as always for choosing Nugsmasher!

Which Bag is Right for Me?

Our NugSmasher extraction bags were designed with two things in mind - Quality and Results. These two words embody every product NugSmasher has to offer with our Micron Bags being your golden ticket to higher yielding, more consistent extractions. We have researched every method and calculated the ideal surface area for optimal extractions which prioritize clean, quality yielding results. We offer a variety of extraction bags with a multitude of micron sizes to choose from. It's really that simple - Better Bags equals Better Results.

160 Micron

Fresh & Sticky
For flower real fresh Sticky 68-75% humidity.

120 Micron

Slightly Sticky
For flower not real fresh starting to crumble 64-67% humidity

90 Micron

For flower not real fresh starting to crumble 64-67% humidity.

37 Micron

For Sift, Kief, Hash and/or Isolate.

3.5 Gram Bag

7 Gram Bag

14 Gram Bag

X Bag


All Four Microns are offered in the Following Sizes

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Still Not Sure Which Bag to Buy?

Click the link below and find out what the correct extraction bag and micron size is right for you.

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Every Nugsmasher Unit is Proudly Made in the USA.


We have the best customer service in the industry!

We are passionate about making the customer experience our #1 priority.

Nugsmasher is the bomb! I bought my NugSmasher a five days ago and spent the time to do my homework before I got started especially because I’m working with premium bud!! The unit is the awesome and I love it!!


I bought the NugSmasher 12 ton press after extensive research. I wanted a powerful yet manageable machine . I found all that and more with this press. It is awesome and does a wonderful job. It is made in the USA!!!!! The company is very concerned about customer satisfaction; they keep in touch just to make sure I'm happy with my press. I highly recommend this press and this company!!


Great little press Purchased the square plate Mini version and immediately got a tracking number the next day. The service I got was excellent, these guys answered all my questions about which press to get and mainly settled on this mini. I couldn't be happier!

Philip K

Great customer service and the press works amazing!... That couldn't be said enough, these guys have gone over and beyond for customer service! The press is assembled here in the states, I've had mine since they came out with it & I've never had an issue with performance. Of course, there will be trial and error with technique as with any art. Nugsmasher is an amazing company, really good people bringing a quality product for patients and all around 420 friends!

Brandon L


Nugsmasher is designed by connoisseurs and built in our state of the art factory in California.



The Industry's best lifetime warranty to back a rock solid product!

Confidence – that’s what our lifetime warranty is all about. We have confidence in our process so we know we’re providing reliable equipment. You get the confidence of a full lifetime warranty as standard business practice to know you’re covered no matter what.

Fresh off the Press

February 10, 2020

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January 21, 2020

Pressing 7 GRAMS with the NugSmasher Mini for the FIRST TIME!

In this video, we press 7 grams of bud on the NugSmasher Mini for the first time.
January 9, 2020

Fresh Rosin Drip Pours Down NugSmasher Rosin Pressing Amazing Weed Strain

In this video, we extract some dank frosted cakes shatter using our NugSmasher.
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