How To Use Rosin Press Extraction Micron Bags

What are micron bags and what are they used for?

NugSmasher® Rosin Press Bags are recommended for optimal yielding, clean – quality rosin.

Extraction bags play a significant role in rosin extraction as they act as a filter to separate unwanted plant material from the desired cannabinoid oils.

These extraction bags give users one important tool to ensure consistent extractions – Surface Area.

Every NugSmasher® rosin press was designed to deliver a certain amount of pressure to a specific surface area, to ensure the best possible results.

We have our bags broken down into four different size categories – as well as four different micron sizes.  

First, let’s take a look at our four different bag sizes:

Micron Bags – A Rosin Extractors Best Friend

3.5 gram micron bags 7 gram micron bags 14 gram micron bags

We have four different bag sizes as follows:

3.5 Gram Bags (Compatible with Nugsmasher® Mini, OG, XP, Touch, Pro)

7 Gram Bags (Compatible with Nugsmasher® OG, XP, Touch, Pro)

14 Gram Bags (Compatible with Nugsmasher® OG, XP, Touch, Pro)

3-14 Gram Bags (Designed specifically for the Nugsmasher® X)

Don’t let these numbers intimidate you – I know we’re not in math class right now.

The size is specific to the amount of bud you’re pressing. Pretty simple stuff.

Each bag size comes with four different options of micron sizes, as well, including 37, 90, 120 and 160 micron. 

And what does micron size mean?

I’m going to make this part so simple, you’ll probably know more than me about micron by the end of this.

Micron Size Matters

The micron size is all about starting material.

The kind of starting material you use requires a specific bag.

37 micron bags 90 micron bags 120 micron bags 160 micron bags

  As you can see from the image, the micron size refers to the size of the holes which the rosin will seep through. 

For dryer buds, you want smaller holes to ensure less starting material in your end product.

For wetter buds, the holes are bigger because it’s less likely for the buds to move through.

One micron is measurable to 1 millionth of a meter.

For fresh, quality material 160-micron bags are ideal. As flower dries and quality decreases, you will also want to decrease in micron size.

The reason for this is that as the plant dries, the material is susceptible to flake and crumble.

You don’t want this material to be pushed out into your rosin as it will negatively affect the color, taste, and overall quality.

Let’s check out the four sizes a little bit more:

Microns – Which Offers The Highest Yields?

37 Micron 

37 micron rosin extraction bag

This is the smallest micron size we have to offer. Thirty-seven micron sized bags work best when used for things like:

– Kief

– Hash

– Dry Sift 

90 Micron

90 micron rosin extraction bag

Ninety micron bags are best used for things like:

– Hemp

– Dry Buds

– Humidity under 64%

120 Micron

120 micron rosin extraction bag

The One-hundred and twenty micron sized bags are great for buds that are:

– Slightly sticky

– Humidity between 64-68%

160 Micron

160 micron rosin extraction bag

Our largest micron sized bags are the one-hundred and sixties. These bags are ideal for:

– Fresh and sticky buds 

– Humidity between 68-75%

For anything 1.5 grams or smaller, no bag is necessary.

As you can see, no specific micron size offers the best yield because they each serve a different purpose. 

So you’re a micron bag expert now – that’s great! Make sure to tell your friends.

But what about loading the bag up? Is there a specific way to do that?

Yes. Yes there is.

It’s called bottle tech style.

Bottle Tech Style – The Key To Consistent Extractions

bottle tech style rosin bags

This method gives you the ideal surface area to ensure the best quality extraction, every time.

Basically, you want to make a cylinder shape with the weed loaded in the bag.

You do this by following three simple steps:

Step 1: Invert the bottom corners before starting.

Step 2: Load the bag nice and tightly.

how to bottle tech

– Step 3: Cut excess bag and fold the top like a present.

what is bottle tech

And that’s it!

This shape gives a consistent and accurate diameter measurement so applying pressure is made simple.

For a better visual sample on how to do this – watch this video.

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