Pressure – The Key To Consistent Rosin Extractions

When it comes to pressure – It’s all about that sweet spot. 

It’s safe to assume that the majority of people out there are under and/or over pressurizing their extractions.

But that’s okay! We’re all learning and that’s good.

But what happens from an under or over pressurized extraction?

Under pressurized extractions result in low yields.

Over pressurized extractions result in darker products with degraded terpenes (possible burnt taste) . 

Needless to say, pressure is pretty important.

That’s where NugSmasher® sets itself apart from other rosin presses on the market.

No Pressure – NugSmasher® Has You Covered

NugSmasher® talking about why NugSmasher® is so great – makes sense.

I apologize in advance for the bragging,  but I have no choice.

NugSmasher® rosin presses were designed to make pressure as easy as possible for users.

By using our machines and following our directions – you have everything you need to achieve consistent extractions – every time.

It’s because we designed our machines and bags for specific extractions.

We’ve even designed a Calculator Tool on our website to make it even easier. Definitely go check out the Calculator Tool to get any information you may need on pressure.

Rosin made simple™ – am I right?

Let’s take a second to look at each of the NugSmasher® machines and how we’ve resolved any pressure issues for you.

NugSmasher® Mini 

The NugSmasher® Mini is our most portable and affordable press that we offer. But that doesn’t mean it is “cheap.”

Quality built just like the rest of our machines, this little guy makes pressure easy as cake. 

Quite simply, It’s designed for two presses. 

– A .75 to 1 gram nug with no bag. 

– A 3.5 gram in a NugSmasher® Bag. 

Using either of these options, applying full arm pressure to the NugSmasher® Mini is all it takes – No more, no less. 

NugSmasher® OG

The NugSmasher® OG takes a massive leap – allowing users to press up to 14 grams at a time.

That’s FOUR TIMES the amount that the NugSmasher® Mini presses for those of you out there keeping score. And not for much of a price increase, either. 

But that’s neither here nor there – back to pressure.

This machine seems to give people the most trouble since that 12 tons of pressure can be a bit powerful. 

But, here’s how we do it. 

– Crank the pump handle with your thumb until you feel it meet a locking point. 

– From here, add 3/4 of a full pump and it’s good to go. 

For 3.5 gram bag do 1/3 pump.

For 7 gram bag do 2/3 pump.

For 14 gram bag do full pump.

– After that, apply gradual additional pressure throughout the duration of your press. 

Not so tough, huh?

NugSmasher® X

NugSmasher® X is quite possibly the easiest possible machine ever made with ONE button, ONE bag size and ONE specific pressure available.

You couldn’t perform a bad extraction with the X – if you tried. 

Want to know how to gauge pressure on the X? 

The answer to that question is simple – You don’t have to.

Let me repeat that – You do not have to gauge pressure on the NugSmasher® X

As long as you are using the NugSmasher® X Bags and following instructions properly, you are completely good to go. Smash away. 

NugSmasher® XP

If you were wondering how to gauge pressure on the NugSmasher® XP – I can easily answer that one for ya. 

It has a pressure gauge dead center in the middle of it. 

Extractors absolutely love the addition of the pressure gauge, giving them the ability to accurately apply adequate pressure time and time again. 

For this machine, you can go use our Calculator Tool on our website which gives you the option to do two things: 

– Input desired Material PSI and it will show the amount of Gauge PSI Necessary. 

– Input Gauge PSI and it will show you the Material PSI. 

The Calculator Tool is awesome, allowing users to input which machine they are using and the number of bags. 

NugSmasher® Touch 

When it comes to pressure – The NugSmasher® Touch is Number One. 

This highly innovative machine comes with a touchscreen digital interface that shows extractors everything. 

As far as pressure – You can set your desired material PSI and visually see everything. 

Not sure what else there is to say – It’s that simple. 

NugSmasher® Pro 

The NugSmasher® Pro is our largest and most powerful machine. 

This behemoth of a so-called rosin press weighs 212 pounds offering users 20 tons of pressure. 

As far as pressure is concerned – this machine works nearly identical to the NugSmasher® XP. 

The pressure gauge is built into the machine and the Calculator Tool does all the math for you. 

Well guys, that’s all you need to know about pressure. As you can see, our NugSmasher® machine were designed directly for users. 

Interested in learning more?

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