What is Rosin? A 100% Solventless Cannabis Concentrate

It only makes sense that NugSmasher® would write an article on what rosin is – so here it is.

About time, huh?

Not only are we going to tell you what rosin is, but we’re going to show you how to do it. The right way.

So throw away those hair straighteners and let’s get right into it.

What is Rosin?

what is rosin?

Oh, rosin. Sweet, sweet rosin.

Rosin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant, using nothing more than heat and pressure.

The result? A translucent, sappy and sometimes shatter-like product that is potent enough to rival any of your favorite BHO products.

What’s the difference between rosin and other cannabis concentrates on the market?


Most cannabis concentrate extraction methods require the use of a solvent such as Butane, Propane or CO2. For a completely detailed description of the differences between BHO and rosin (And why rosin is sooooo much better) check out this article – Rosin VS Bho.

But how does heat and pressure transform cannabis into such a revolutionary product? The accumulation of trichomes, of course! 

But is rosin really that easy to make, you ask?

Yes. Yes it is.

The next part of this article will give you every piece of knowledge we’ve gathered from years of experience, to get you started pressing rosin.

Before you can get started on your rosin pressing ventures, you will need a couple things.

nugsmasher mini rosin press

What You Need To Press Rosin

– A Rosin Press

– Fresh Flower

Micron Extraction Bags

– Parchment Paper

– A Dab Tool

And most importantly – A Good Attitude!

Sound like a lot of stuff? Just head over to our store and grab everything you need in a NugSmasher® Bundle

Now, we’re good to go. 

Let’s jump straight into one very, very important factor – Starting Product.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, which NugSmasher® rosin press gives the best yields?

Well the answer is none of them. And all of them.

Because it’s not the machine – it’s the weed.

how to press rosin

Do me a favor and grab a pen and a piece of paper and write this down.

Fire in, fire out.

That is the number one most popular saying in the rosin press industry because your rosin will only be as good as your starting product.

If you put a piece of tree bark in the oven for 15 minutes – it’s not going to taste very good.

But what about a pizza? It’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

Same goes for rosin.

If you put extremely potent, trichome coated flowers into a NugSmasher® Mini – Well, you’re going to get some amaaaaaaazing rosin.

But if you put in old and dry (dare I say, reggie) buds into a NugSmasher – Well, the end result just won’t be the same.

If you want high-quality results you need high-quality products.

For tons of information regarding best starting material – check out Terpfile to get detailed extraction information from users worldwide.

Terpfile – A Database For Rosin Pressers Worldwide

what is a rosin press

Terpfile is a full database that allows rosin pressers to post every detail of their rosin pressing experiences to create a community of unified pressers around the world.

Each entry is detailed with everything you need including:

– Material Type

– Strain

– Weight

 – Bag Used

– Press Used

– Temperature

– Time

– Yield

And much more.

Terpfile serves as an incredibly valuable reference for experienced and beginner extractors alike.

Click here to get started showing the world, your rosin. 

Interested in learning more?

Click here to read our article on micron bags and find out how you can get more out of your extractions. 

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